This project was a a major beachfront remodel where we were called in to upgrade all of the existing 20 year old wiring and engineer a complete automation and entertainment system for Malibu5. We were tasked with designing a very user friendly AV system, something anyone could use with simplicity and ease.

The main focal point of the home is the living room, which features a custom made concrete fireplace facade encasing a 65” Panasonic HD Plasma. The room is equipped with 5.1 surround sound, complete with custom made speakers from James Loudspeaker and processing from Arcam. The 16 zone whole house audio system is powered and controlled by Crestron touch panels and keypads in each room.

Having the system automated allowed us to set the outdoor audio levels to coincide with certain times of the day. This made it possible to curtail the volume levels during evening hours, which makes for happier neighbors and a peaceful coexistence. Lutron roller shades were fitted along the panoramic windows in both the living room and master bedroom, keeping the sun out during peak hours of the day and also providing a sense of privacy at night.

Total home control is provided by Crestron color touch panels which allow access to the audio, video, climate, security and shades at any location. Interior design by Nicole Sassaman.

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