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Outdoor Living

Bring your favorite music, sporting events, and movies outdoors. The architecture of today is incorporating more outdoor living space than ever before. Our clients are spending more time outdoors at their homes and we have a wide variety of options to provide high-performance audio and video systems that rival their indoor counterparts. From a "dive-in" pool theater system to audio coverage for acres of land to a 201″ waterproof TV that rises out of the ground, the Coastal Homeworks team is ready to take your outdoor entertainment to the next level.

Weather-resistant outdoor speakers have been available for years; however, newer loudspeaker technology gives you much more consistent sound coverage and greatly improved sound quality. Coastal Homeworks can fill your outdoor spaces with remarkable sound that gives you a consistent volume level throughout using in-ground hidden subwoofers and multiple camouflaged speakers concealed in the landscaping. This allows a lower overall volume level while filling your yard with sound over a much wider area. Your music system will easily be heard, but will be hard to find.

If you like to enjoy your favorite TV programs and movies outdoors, outdoor flat screen TV’s are available that are designed to be exposed to the weather elements and feature screen coatings to minimize the glare of bright outdoor environments. For the ultimate in backyard entertaining, we can design large screen outdoor theater systems, including 201″ diagonal TV that literally unfold out of the ground and hide away when not being used.

All of the best outdoor audio video components would be nearly useless if they are difficult to control. Here is where Coastal Homeworks' years of control system experience shines, offering you intuitive control from handheld remote controls, in-wall touchscreens, and even with your smartphone or tablet. No more pointing the remote at a TV to make it work, you can roam a several acre property and still control your entertainment systems.