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This California modernism design home sits on one of Malibu's finest private beaches. Floor to ceiling glass walls frame the 180 degree white water ocean views, as no expense was spared on the design of this home. We were tasked with implementing a complete automation system, encompassing entertainment, security, lighting, shading and HVAC systems.

The home features more than 20 pairs of Sonance in-ceiling speakers, covering the billiards room, kitchen, dining, master, retreat & bath, guest room, lower guest room and multiple outdoor decks, all of which is powered by Crestron smart amplifiers. The family room has a 5.1 surround system and the media room features a 7.1 surround system, each room outfitted with James Loudspeaker in-wall/in-ceiling speakers and subwoofers, powered and processed by Marantz separates, controlled by Crestron hand held remotes.

Automation is handled by a Crestron processor and 2 in-wall color touch panels, each provides for total control over music, lighting, shading, HVAC, Jandy pool interface and the GE security system. Extreme CCTV cameras capture all of the action around the property and can be viewed from any of the homes multiple HDTV displays or color touch-panels, access control provided by Holovision. Another fine property from builder, Dave LeSeur.

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While this may be the smallest home we’ve ever worked on, it is chock full of technological amenities. Situated among multi-million dollar beach front homes, this property is only 1000 square feet in size; however it boasts a 6 zone whole house audio system, complete with Creston control and amplification.

Each of the two bedrooms has a Crestron keypad to control volume, source and track selection. The HDTV locations were fitted with flex conduit allowing us to pull HDMI cables from each room back to the AV rack, future proofing any type of signal upgrades for years to come. Video sources were then centrally rack mounted and controlled by Crestron remote control interfaces.

The living room features a Samsung 46” LCD above the fireplace with Sonance in-ceiling speakers mounted in the tongue and groove ceiling, also controlled by a Crestron in-wall color touch panel which provides for audio and video source selection throughout the house, both decks and beach hammock location.

Outdoor deck locations were fitted with Sonance weather-proof Mariner speakers, which provide crystal clear sound for those lounging by the surf and enjoying the sun. Crestron keypads control the volume, source and track selections here as well.

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Built originally for spec, this project was designed to showcase the enviable beach lifestyle that penetrates the store front windows facing the beaches of Venice. Our initial process was to layout a wiring infrastructure that would support distributed audio/video, along with multiple zones of automated shading. As the project came to an end we were asked to complete various elements in order to showcase the home in its true state for resale purposes.

With a strict budget on the line, we were able to fit the home with Lutron shading on each of the three levels; which included the master bedroom, living room and lower level media room. Lutron seeTouch keypads allow for complete control over the shades, with several presets and raise/lower controls. The entire home was treated to in-ceiling speakers from the Sonance Visual Performance line, each powered by Crestron Adagio amplifiers and switchers, while each bedroom has its own Crestron Adagio LCD interface. Crestron in-wall color touch-screens were installed in the master bedroom and kitchen, from which global control over all audio sources, climate, security, shading and access control is simplified.

The lower level media room was fitted with custom Centergy series speakers from James Loudspeaker. These formulate the front LCR signals of the 7.2 surround sound system, along with custom in-wall subwoofers which handle the lower frequencies while eliminating the need for extra space in that room. Security was handled by GE Networx, access control through Holovison, while all CCTV cameras and DVR were VITEK. Components were centrally rack mounted in a custom AV closet, keeping with the minimalist theme throughout the project.

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MALIBU ROAD / Surfrock
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Slated as a basic spec home, this project was originally pre-wired with the idea that it would be outfitted by the purchaser and not the builder. With that thought in mind, it was wired with almost every conceivable idea so as not to limit the possibilities for the future homeowner.

Towards the end of project though, the developer decided to have us install a full blown automation system, coupled with complete whole house audio and video distribution. No expense was spared here; the home was outfitted with the best that money can buy. As such, it was showcased as one of the premiere homes for the short time it was on the market which is a testament to the forward thinking of the developer.

The home features 22 pairs of Sonance in-ceiling speakers, 2 James Loudspeaker garden systems with dual 12” subterranean subwoofers out by the pool. The family room has a 5.1 surround system and the media room features a 7.1 surround system, each room outfitted with James Loudspeaker in-wall/inceiling speakers and subwoofers, powered and processed by Arcam separates.

Automation is handled by a 2 series Crestron processor and a total of (8) in-wall color touch panels, which provides for total home control over music, lighting, HVAC, Jandy pool interface and the GE security system. We created an X-panel for the developer so he could show off the property to prospective buyers, from this interface he was able to turn on the music, adjust the thermostat, select lighting, and disable the security system right from his laptop! Interior design by Carlyle Design.

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Situated along the famous Riviera Country Club sits this modernized farmhouse designed by Gus Duffy for actor Michael Keaton. Tasked with implementing a whole house audio system, complete with media room and centralized security and cctv system, we worked directly with the homeowner on creating a minimally invasive environment so as not to encroach upon the design elements of the home.

The main focus is on the custom media room, which features a 5.1 surround sound system complete with Sonance Ellipse in-ceiling speakers paired with a Sonance THX rated 12” subwoofer which was recessed into the wall just below the 62” NEC HD video display. All components were rack mounted in a dedicated AV closet for easy access and service. The room is controlled with a Universal Remote hand held interface and allows for one touch control over all media room sources.

The whole house audio system boasts a number of in-wall/in-ceiling speakers to form a cohesive entertainment system, from the master bedroom and bath, to the living room, dining room and kitchen, while each location is fitted with its own localized volume controls. The use of acoustical back boxes were used throughout to maximize the audio reproduction for this house, as the homeowner wanted nothing less than audio perfection.

The entire property is covered with cctv cameras from Extreme and recorded onto a DVR from Dedicated Micros, each accessible from a web interface on any PC. The whole house security is handled from a GE Networx main panel and provides intuitive feedback to any of the (4) keypads located throughout the home. Access control is facilitated through a Door King intercom and routed through the Panasonic phone system, allowing two-way communication from the front drive and pedestrian gates.

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This 10,000 sqft home in the heart of Brentwood, was built by famed contractor Gordon Gibson. We were tasked with implementing a complete automation system to control lighting, sound, security and a full theater down in the basement. The sheer size of the home made for interesting adjustments along the way, as the smallest of changes needed to be approved by the designer prior to implementation. All audio/video distribution was handled though Crestron, all custom speakers were designed by James Loudspeaker, audio distribition speakers by Sonance and video displays are Samsung.

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