Performance Calibration

Are you aware that in order for your audio video systems to perform at peak levels, they need to be professionally calibrated? Far too often we see home theater systems, media rooms, and television displays that are not performing to the level they are capable of. Our technicians perform that last vital step in maximizing the performance of your investment by using specialized calibration equipment to optimize your picture and sound.

For video displays, such calibration include setting color, contrast, hue, brightness, sharpness, gamma, and gray scale settings. This goes far beyond the user-accessible settings on your video monitor's remote control; Our technicians receive training to access your display's service menus where very precise adjustments can be made, and your display is calibrated to industry-standard ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) specifications as defined by film standards.

Most home theater installations today suffer from poor audio calibration. The sound levels and timbre are not matched between the various speakers, and though such a system may sound "good enough" to many, it will never put you in the action the way the director intended. The difference between good and great is huge, and must be experienced to be appreciated.

Our technicians will performance calibrate your audio system by using precision microphones at all key seating positions during setup and installation. The microphones "listen" to your room's unique acoustic signature, compares it to a reference signal, and then digitally compensates for the differences between how your room would sound without acoustic colorations and your room's actual measured response. Coastal Homeworks adheres to audio calibration standards as set forth by THX and the HAA (Home Acoustics Alliance).

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