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Home Automation

In today’s world you appreciate simplicity and convenience more than ever. A home control system makes operating the systems in your home effortless, convenient, and fun. Along the way, it offers great benefits such as adding to the beauty of your home by reducing wall clutter, increasing energy savings, and making your home safer for your family. This is why a home automation or control system is a consistently desired feature in today’s luxury homes.


Devices like the iPhone and iPad are popular because they are smart and robust, yet simple to use. Shouldn’t your home be as easy to operate as an app? With a home automation system, it will be. Not only can your home’s climate, lighting, security, audio/video, pool/spa (and more) be controlled through a single device, the control to operate all of these subsystems will have a consistent look and feel that is intuitive and logical.

Our clients crave simplicity and we design our control systems to meet that need. Though your home’s subsystems will be made by different manufacturers, a home automation system unites them into an intuitive interface. Press an icon that says ‘climate’ and the screen changes to your thermostat control. Press an icon that says ‘security’ and your arm/disarm screen appears. Press the ‘music’ button and you are greeted by a screen to select your music sources. Simple. Effortless.

A standard Coastal Homeworks feature is a “Goodnight” or “Sleep” button that arms your security system, lowers your shades, turns off your home’s lights (still leaving some low-level pathway lighting in hallways), shuts down your home’s audio/video systems, and optionally sets back the thermostats. A twenty minute nighttime ritual reduced to a single button press. Having a party? Press the “Entertain” button to automatically adjust the interior and exterior lighting to create the perfect atmosphere. Your favorite music playlist or Pandora station starts to play in the key areas of your home at the perfect volume level. Your thermostats adjust to the perfect temperature in the public areas of your home. Easy. Intuitive. Convenient.

With any smartphone or tablet, you can also control your home while you are away. Turn on your jacuzzi from the office so it is heating up in anticipation of your arrival, or turn on your lights as you are pulling up to your house in the evening. Heat up your winter home from the plane or  remotely unlock your front door to let a staff member into your home. The practical applications for remote home control are extensive.


Since a home automation system links all of your home’s systems together, there are many applications that can enhance your family’s safety and security. For example, your surveillance camera video can automatically display your front door or gate camera on your control touchscreens when someone presses the doorbell or ‘call’ button. If your alarm system is triggered, your exterior lights can flash and preset audio messages play on speakers inside or outside your home to deter would-be intruders. If a fire alarm is triggered, all interior lights can come on automatically to aid your family’s safe retreat from the home. When you are away on vacation, you can have your home automation system make your home appear occupied by automatically controlling lights and shades at random times to simulate your usual routines.


Home automation eliminates the need for a variety of beige plastic controls for pools, alarms, or music cluttering up your walls. Since your home’s controls are consolidated into unified touchscreens, you greatly reduce the amount of devices on your walls. Taking it a step further, you may even have your touchscreens fit flush with the wall surface with the revolutionary TRUFIG mounting system.