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Energy Management

Like most people today, Coastal Homeworks is very concerned about the environment, and we will take the extra steps of designing your home’s technology systems to conserve energy and give you the option of having actionable intelligence on your home’s energy consumption.

For example, home automation technology can intelligently coordinate your home’s subsystems to conserve energy. Popular control systems employ energy-management dashboards that can be easily viewed on your touchscreen, tablet, or smartphone to display your home’s energy usage in real-time and calculate energy savings and the reduction in your carbon footprint in response to real-time electrical, water, and gas usage. For example, when you turn off or dim lights, you can quickly see what the reduction of your energy usage and carbon foot print are. This can make saving energy a fun and educational experience, especially for children.

Based upon your home’s usage patterns, an energy management system can notify you if your refrigerator, pool pump or air conditioner suddenly starts using more energy, which usually is an indicator of a service issue. If you set energy usage goals, the energy management system can also notify you when you get close to exceeding them. Having this energy-savings flexibility is especially useful with photovoltaic (solar) systems or if you have a “Time of Use” power service plan.

We can program your home automation system to automatically adjust lighting, motorized window treatments and your heating and cooling systems in response to the time of day (automatically adjusted throughout the year), occupancy and real-time power consumption. Another energy-saving must-have is giving you a “Vacation” button that sets back your home’s thermostats while you are away, yet still keeping your home within reasonable temperature limits.

Coastal Homeworks’s energy-efficient design and programming recently helped a 14,000 square foot residence in Malibu, CA, receive a LEED Platinum rating, a major accomplishment for a home of this size. Clever control of lighting and climate systems, as well as specifying energy-efficient components, helped meet the client’s energy savings needs.

Coastal Homeworks is qualified to help your home have the comfortable amenities and luxuries of modern technology without wasting needless energy.