In the past several years, the automated solutions market has been steadily growing with systems and products that help homeowners save money, increase convenience, and "live green." By the year 2025, roughly 20% of households around the world will have at least one smart home device. This year, Coastal Homeworks is noticing the rise of six home automation solutions to the top of the market.

Smarter Energy Systems

We've noticed a growing trend nationwide: homeowners who have the desire to save energy for the sake of the planet as well as their wallets. Both old and new home builds stand to benefit from automated energy systems, and smart thermostats are one of the easiest ways to implement more efficient surface heating and cooling regulation. This affordable solution will grant significant energy and financial savings, especially when you sync the thermostat with your daily routine and ideal temperature settings. In the hours when everyone is at school or work, you can set your system to a sleep mode that optimizes energy conservation, and 30 minutes before the first family member arrives home, the system can adjust the temperature to your family's preference. If you ever deviate from the schedule, it's easy to manage your system's changes from an app on your smartphone even when you're out of the house.

Better Health Devices

There's growing importance in maintaining a sound mind and body, due to more people wanting to live a healthy lifestyle and the caution of the pandemic. When gyms closed down, at-home workout technology appeared in more homes, such as the Mirror, Samsung's Smart Trainer, and the Ultrahuman app for Apple Watch. Technologies like these track your health goals, log weight changes, suggest healthy habits, and monitor your brain activity as you sleep. Smart air conditioners and air purifiers measure allergens in the air and filter them to prevent them from affecting your family. With smart doorbells, you can screen your guests’ temperature at the front door for fever, which will be useful in protecting immunocompromised members of the home.

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Efficient Work-from-home Solutions

The pandemic resulted in more people working from home, and remote work seems to be a trend that will continue for many. Automated solutions tailored for the home office allow employees to experience a streamlined workday through screens that display relevant data next to coworkers' faces in virtual meetings, or amusing AI backgrounds that hide your home's clutter. Employees can focus with the help of noise-canceling headphones, but remote workers can benefit from noise-canceling windows that muffle the sound of your neighborhood yard work so your voice is understood in Zoom calls. With more people learning, working, and enjoying entertainment from home, have you noticed your existing bandwidth and connection strain under the increase of internet usage? A popular solution is the mesh Wi-Fi network, which consistently maintains a steady connection throughout your entire home, so you can accomplish your work goals while your kids watch a show and your spouse streams music.

Touchless Tech

Touchless tech is becoming a popular solution for homeowners with voice-controlled solutions as well as lighting and motion sensors. This year, presence detectors are a solution that adjusts the home's lighting and temperature depending on the number of people in the room. We anticipate that over time sensor technology will be able to memorize different individuals' movement patterns. This feature will be useful for intrusion detectors in security systems, especially in an unoccupied home or at night. Bathrooms get to enjoy new sensor tech solutions too, including self-cleaning toilets, temperature-shifting showers, and even plumbing systems that sense leaks, temporarily shut off service, and send homeowners a notification to contact a plumber before the issue magnifies.

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Advanced Voice Control and A.I.

The new staple of the home is the voice-control assistant, whether you own a Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant to help with your daily tasks. The voice-control assistants grant each member of the family a sense of independence with the ability to control their home environment, even for members who are using crutches or are too short to reach the lights. We predict these assistants will eventually operate every aspect of the smart home with the emergence of Matter, the new connectivity standard. Big names like Amazon, Google, and Apple are coalescing around Matter, which will allow different brand name devices to communicate with each other.

This year, there are so many smart home solutions to implement in your lifestyle. Here at Coastal Homeworks, we are pleased to offer homeowners the newest products and systems on the market. Whether you'd like to install new lighting sensors or a smart thermostat, contact us today to get started!