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Four Lighting Methods to Brighten Your Home Theater

August 31, 2022

Have you ever been watching a movie in your home theater only to suddenly realize you're unable to find your popcorn? Let's say that you stopped the movie, to everyone's annoyance, to stand up and walk over to the wall to turn on the lights, but on your way, you instead trip over your bag of popcorn on the floor. Unfortunately, your home theater is a bit too dark. Fortunately, our team at…

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The Difference Between Home Theaters and Media Rooms

January 31, 2022

Until recently, owning a dedicated home theater was an essential part of a Southern California luxury home. It meant the cinematic viewing experience could be enjoyed from the familiar comfort and privacy of your sofa. However, an alternative to the home cinema is quickly rising on the market for homeowners who want to renovate an old game room or den into something a little more high-end,…

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