2023 is moving along quickly, and we’re already noticing a growing demand for specific smart home solutions that mark shifts in consumer choice. These trends continue building atop the movements of connected devices, with over 20.4 billion pieces already working to offer comfort, security, and convenience. Here are Coastal Homeworks’ four growing smart home solutions that will continue making their mark this year.

Efficient Energy Management

More homeowners are interested in helping minimize their impact on the climate, and the perfect place to begin is by decreasing energy consumption at home. Smart systems are an excellent tool to help homeowners track and manage their consumption of water, lights, and AV devices. LED smart lighting and thermostats can enter energy-saving modes while you sleep or are away from home. Smart thermostats can be set to timed schedules that match your family's routine, and others can even sense when a family member is home and adjust the temperature to a more comfortable point. Similarly, some smart lighting incorporates motion detection to help you lower the bill by remembering to shut off lights even when a family member forgets. Certain smart systems also track how you utilize water to encourage more mindful use of water for showers and washing dishes, while other homeowners are investing in rainwater harvesting systems to water plants or flush toilets.


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Voice Assistants and AI

Voice assistants and AI are appearing in more homes across the country. Households are now operating their lights with Amazon Echo and listening to music through Google Home. Voice command offers hands-free control to make operating these devices easy for people of all ages and a range of abilities. These digital solutions also incorporate AI technology to provide you with the daily weather forecast and then adjust the thermostat accordingly. These features are becoming more prevalent, and we predict that AI technology will soon be widely used by all.

Convenient Wearable Technology

Consumers tend to want technology that makes life more convenient, and wearable technology has been increasing in appeal for years. Smart home solutions are learning to make their technology easily manageable through wearable devices. For example, a homeowner can manage their home's smart systems through an app on their Apple Watch. They can operate a smart lock, turn off the lights, close a garage door, or even view a live feed of a CCTV camera to confirm a package delivery. No matter how far a homeowner may be, automated solutions and wearable technology help them stay close and connected to the well-being of their property and loved ones. These systems can even send messages to prompt you to turn off a light or alert you to camera movement.


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Helpful Household Robots

By the end of this year, housekeeping robots will be found in 10% of households in the country. This isn’t as crazy as it seems; these robots are most commonly simple assistants that are programmed to clean the floors of the home, including wood, carpet, and tile. Certain robots have a camera to detect walls, furniture, or pets to avoid potential run-ins. Other robots prefer to wait for everyone to leave the home to begin cleaning. Other popular robots include devices associated with yard upkeep that automatically water the lawn or vegetable garden at an optimal daily time, but will take a break when rain appears in the forecast. We estimate the future will be full of smart robots that will adapt to your lifestyle.

Smart home solutions are more than trends; they're markers of our future coexisting with technology that improves our lives. As more homeowners become interested in smart home solutions, these devices will continue streamlining their efficiency, convenience, and user-friendly capacities. Whether you're curious how you can operate your smart systems through a voice assistant or wearable technology, contact Coastal Homeworks today to begin!