More homeowners across the nation want to implement green smart home solutions that save money and energy. A central vacuum is one of the easiest swaps you can make. According to a study in 2019, American households generate 5.43 gigatons of carbon dioxide in emissions every year. However, the efficient operations of central vacuums leave a much smaller footprint. When you incorporate green appliances into your home, you help increase the demand for environmentally-friendly products that encourage consumers and producers to make sustainable choices for future generations. Here are Coastal Homework's five benefits of installing a central vacuum for the planet-minded homeowner.

Replaceable attachments extend the lifespan

There are strict environmental standards to which central vacuums must adhere to minimize their footprint. Central vacuums are sturdy appliances that endure for years, so in case of a malfunction, it's simple to find a replacement part to keep it running for longer. Because it has several replaceable moving parts, it also consumes fewer resources in the supply chain over time, unlike large vacuums which often need to be entirely replaced. Whether it's a motor, wand, or hose that needs fixing, our partners can easily send the exact equipment you need.

Powerful suction improves energy efficiency

Although you may think that a vacuum with a smaller footprint may have a weaker suction the opposite is true. Central vacuums are far more powerful than traditional vacuums. Your first pass over a dirty floor effectively cleans the space when compared to the 2 or 3 passes it takes an upright vacuum. Central vacuums are also attached to an external exhaust so dust and debris remain out of your home for longer, instead of spewing back out through the exhaust of some upright vacuums.


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A separated motor reduces noise

Did you know that reducing the level of noise pollution can create a more harmonious household? The sound of upright vacuums is more than a loud annoyance; they contribute to noise pollution that can cause migraines, headaches, strained eardrums, and irritability. If you have a family member or pet with auditory sensory issues, then noise pollution affects them exponentially. On the other hand, a central vacuum is almost silent because the motor is usually stored in the garage or basement, separate from the common living quarters. Now you and your family can continue relaxing without feeling stressed or disturbed by anyone cleaning the floor.

External exhaust keeps allergens out

Upright vacuums tend to expel a large percentage of dust particles through their exhaust back into the room, erasing the work you’ve just done to clean the floors. This also continues circulating dust and air pollution in the home, especially if you have pets who leave fur and dander, or family members who often move in and out of the yard to work in the garden or rake leaves. All these allergens will no longer linger in the air or your floor with a central vacuum, which sends everything to a compartment stored with your motor. Now you won’t have to worry about irritating pollen that comes with seasonal allergies ever again!


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Reusable attachments reduce single-use waste

Central vacuums have a hose that expands to collect dust nearly anywhere in the home, removing the need to purchase single-use dusters or towels for hard-to-reach places. Instead, different attachments can change the angle of the hose so your system reaches the top of shelves, ceiling fans, cabinets, and blinds. These attachments allow you to save money and reduce your single-use waste.

If you're looking to eliminate noise and air pollution from your home, lower your energy usage, or decrease your single-use waste, purchasing a central vacuum is a small step with a large impact on the planet. By making your home more ecologically friendly, you only help the health of your family and the earth. Whether you have questions about a central vacuum installation, attachments, or design, contact our team at Coastal Homeworks today to get started!